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Scintillo Activates Potential

Scintillo was founded in 2000 by Joanna Rawbone in order to realise her dream of enabling people to set themselves free from their limiting beliefs and optimise possibilities.  Her greatest reward is to see the 'lights go on' for people so that they empower themselves and reach more of their potential.


Joanna epitomises the lifelong learner and she operates from the belief that everyone has latent potential which once activated, enables remarkable performance, contribution and engagement. She is known for sparking a curiosity of what could be by awakening self-belief and a love of ongoing development in those she works with.

We work with corporate and personal clients using an integrative approach to development that is always client-focused, from initial contact through to measuring the impact of the intervention. 


Scintillo Values

Integrity; we have strong moral values and are always honest with you, even if it's not what you were expecting to hear.


Client Oriented; we put you, our primary and secondary client, at the heart of what we do. 


Respect; we honour where you are and meet you there at the beginning of any journey together.


Passion; for what we do and how we do it!


Engaging; we understand the importance of holding our clients' attention whilst making learning enjoyable


Belief in Potential; we know that people are capable of being positively remarkable and we know how to activate their potential

We proudly operate an associate model so that we always offer you the best professional for the job, not just whose diary is free!


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