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Scintillo: Corporate Clients

We confidently act as your Learning & Development Business Partner and are never more proud when clients describe us as a seamless part of their organisation.  The length of our client relationships is a testament to the value we consistently bring to our clients.


Our corporate client base is a mix of professional service firms, manufacturing, and engineering businesses, typically multinationals, meaning we regularly work in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  This multicultural experience means we are skilled in facilitating a better understanding of the natural diversity in any team and organisation leading to enhanced productivity and reduced disruptive conflict. 

Interventions we create and deliver, be they coaching, training or facilitation, fall into 4 broad categories;

Individual Effectiveness

Productive Teamwork

Engaging Management

Inspiring Leadership

Scintillo Ltd is an ESFA  Registered Training Organisation delivering elements of apprenticeships. We are qualified to use a range of diagnostic and psychometric tools to aid understanding including MBTI (steps I & II), Everything DiSC,  Lencioni's Five Behaviours, AEM Cube & SDI.


Contact us today for a free consultation so that we can explore how we are able to add value to your business through your people.


Joanna is registered as a provider to the LETG (Legal Education & Training Group) and works very closely with one of the 'Magic Circle' firms.

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