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Client Testimonials for Scintillo's Work

Because our results literally speak for themselves, our growth has predominantly been through recommendation and referral.  Below are a series of examples demonstrating why we are consistently recommended.  As per our client confidentiality agreements, specific names are not always included.  

'Jo, I wanted to let you know that I was promoted to Director last week - what a great feeling. I am thoroughly convinced this wouldn't have happened without your coaching, so thanks very much. I already have the wheels in motion for my next goal, which is a stint working in Frankfurt. I feel like I've come a long way, but I still refer to my 'Jo' notes now and again; they are quite valuable to me.'

Director of Communications, Global Investment Bank

'Not only were my sessions very informative but also extremely enlightening. Jo offered so much support when I was shooting our ideas and thoughts to her. She is passionate about what she does and it shines through. The Coaching sessions gave me the skills to assist my team and develop their resilience and find solutions from within. Developing my confidence to coach and mentor my team, was quickly achieved with the help of Jo.'

HR Specialist, Qatar


'I was most impressed with your ability to gauge the audience and then engage with each of us at our own level to meet our disparate individual needs and capabilities.  We were all able to, and did learn a great deal from each other as well as from you.  I have certainly gained in confidence.  Mind-bogglingly successful training session, when are you back next?'

Chris J-Kerr 

'I have worked with Jo Rawbone, Scintillo for over 20 years now and she has played a significant role in the development of our people from the start of their careers through to and including Partnership.  As the business has grown within the Accountancy Industry, we have not only benefited from good advice but also innovative and fresh ideas on the ever changing structure within our organization.

Jo has assisted me as Training Manager to formulate a complete training plan for Reeves tailored specifically to the needs of the business.  Jo is able to deliver this programme in a format that suits the needs of the organization and each individual alike, making use of role plays and theoretical learning. Jo is able to interact with delegates at all levels of the organisation, building trusted relationships which are maintained through the training journey of each individual.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jo as a trusted advisor and trainer in all areas of Personal Development Training.'

Karen Thompson, Training Manager, Kreston Reeves LLP


'I felt the course was excellent. It was interesting informative and challenging.  I have attended a few presentation courses before and I am firmly of the opinion that yours was the most useful and will be of immediate benefit to the firm and the individuals.  Thank you.'

Stephen Ward   MCIOB


'I very much enjoyed working with Jo; she developed our project management course incorporating our internal systems and toolsets.  The day went extremely well and as all the attendees were senior managers; it was pitched at the right level to ensure engagement and involvement.'

Mark Robinson – Project & Mobilisation Manager


'Jo makes everybody feel welcome and at ease - from those who are brimming with confidence to those who feel terrified by the prospect of presenting themselves. Her approach is quite amazing and the results from her training, advice, anecdotes and confidence inspiring ability are truly magnificent. She really works hard with genuine pleasure to understand and teach individuals in each class and I have benefitted enormously from her skills.'

Robin Harris


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